Mediation conditions rental properties RE/MAX Makelaarsgilde Leiden

This translation is furnished for the client’s convenience. Only the original Dutch text will be binding and shall prevail in case of any variance between the Dutch and the English translation.

Article 1. Definitions

Following definitions apply to these conditions: 1.1 RE/MAX: RE/MAX Makelaarsgilde Leiden, located on Levendaal 73-75, 2311 JE in Leiden. 1.2 Client: Any natural or legal person, who ordered RE/MAX to mediate with renting one or more objects. 1.3 Rent amount: The monthly amount to be paid to the landlord, including fees for furnishing and/or service charges and/or other parts from which the rental price is built.

Article 2. Establishment agreement

2.1 The mediation agreement is established by truthfully signing the completed Search Profile or by sending the completed Search Profile in an e-mail message. 2.2 Client is obligated to provide a copy of a valid ID and recent income data. All information provided by the client will not be provided to third parties. RE/MAX reserves the right to keep the data in the archive or destroy the data. 2.3 All offers made by RE/MAX, both written, by email, online and oral, are non-binding. The client can’t make any entitlements.

Article 3. Search Profile

3.1 The Search Profile signed by the client is not transferable to other natural and legal persons. 3.2 Placing a search by signing the completed Search Profile is free of charge. 3.3 Clients will be added to our advanced search system and will be informed of new offer by email.

Article 4. The mediation process

4.1 The duties of RE/MAX, mediate when hiring suitable living space, begin after receiving a completed and signed Search Profile.  4.2 The mediation process consists of advising and guiding visits, offering suitable objects, negotiation, arranging the tenancy agreement, finalizing the mediation and delivery of the rented object.

Article 5. Liability

5.1 RE/MAX is not liable for the way a house-owner follows his obligations as a house-owner. The client must always turn to the house owner, unless written otherwise agreed.
5.2 On all resulting relationships between RE/MAX and the client is the Dutch law applicable.

Article 6. General Terms and Conditions

Prior to the conclusion of an agreement, RE/MAX Makelaarsgilde Leiden can test the creditworthiness of the applicant and in that context provide information about the application to third parties.

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